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Test Include
One Hundred Years of Brewing
A Complete History of the Progress made in the Art, Science and Industry of Brewing in the World, particularly during the Nineteenth Century.
Len Chylack, loaned his book for archiving.
Jeff Scholz, scanned the 780 unbound pages.
Lee Rasmussen and Pat Boyer provided funding.


Breweries of Otto C. Wolf, Engineer and Architect

Breweries designed by Otto C, Wolf, engineer and Architect of Philadelphia, Penna.
Dale Van Wieren, loaned his book for archiving.
Len Chylack, scanned the 203 pages.
Greg Meyer, provided funding.


1897 USBA 37th Annual Convention in Buffalo, NY

Souvenir program of the United States Brewers' Association 1897 Annual Convention in Buffalo, New York.
Larry Moter, Jr, loaned his book for archiving.
Len Chylack, scanned the 86 pages.
Greg Casey, provided funding.


The Storck Brewery 1925-1946 Corporate Documents

From the library of Karl Strauss
Len Chylack, scanned the 247 pages
Lee Rasmussen and Pat Boyer provided funding.


1890s Brewery Portfolio of E. Jungenfeld & Company in St Louis, MO

Larry Moter, Jr, loaned his book for archiving
Len Chylack, scanned the 46 pages
John Ferguson funded the book


$150 Adopt a Book Program
You can provide valuable and deeply appreciated support to the Library's digital online collection by sponsoring your very own rare book from our unprocessed digital archived collection. Your gift to the
Adopt a Book Program will help preserve rare brewing industry books that will be accessible to ABA members for generations to come.

Your $100 contribution will fund the processing of the digital book so it can be viewed on the Library website.

Books Available for Adoption
1886 - A Century of Brewing Hudson Ales at Evans Brewer
1891 - Souvenir Album F. A. Poth Brewing Company, Philadelphia, PA
1892 - The Bergner & Engel Brewing Company in Philadelphia, PA
1896 - Souvenir U.S. Brewers' Association Convention in Philadelphia, PA
1897 - Souvenir Neunten Jab lichen Convention in Detroit [In German]
1898 - Souvenir Zebnten Convention in Cleveland, OH [In German]
1899 - Souvenir Der Elf ten Convention in New York [In German]
1900 - Illustrated Catalogue of C. F. Terney Engineer & Architect, New York
1900 - Zwolfte Convention in Buffalo, NY [In German]
1936 - Canned Beer


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