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Museum of Beer & Brewing Board of Directors have made available to the National Brewery Museum Library five pallets of material from the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL.

The Zymotechnic Institute was founded in 1868 by Dr. John Siebel. In 1872, the name was changed to the Siebel Insti- tute of Technology and moved to Belden Avenue in Chicago. The Siebel Institute operated a school for brewing sciences for 133 years until its Belden Avenue location closed in 2001.

When the building closed in 2001,
Tom Volke, Gary Luther, Lee Rasmussen and other MBB members were able to save most of the items in the building from being destroyed. The pallets were stored in a warehouse for almost 20 years. The National Brewery Museum Library has received 5 of the many pallets of material from the Siebel Institute and other library donations to MBB. The items in the five pallets will be available on the library website or at the museum library in the near future.

The entire Breweriana community owes a special thank you to the MBB members involved in preserving this history of the Brewing Industry and the Siebel Institute of Technology.


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