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Film and Audio Archives
National Brewery Museum Library collects, restores and conserve audiovisual media of the U. S. Brewing Industry films, documentaries, television programs, training, hops production, oral histories and television commercials.

The media library has 133 DVD's, containing 2,000+ Beer TV commer- cials, representing 75+ breweries. There is also 116 CD's, containing 7,000+ Beer Radio commercials, representing 55+ breweries.

Since the Media Library began about 7 years ago, members and friends have continued to provided media products to build the Library archive. When films, tapes, or records are received , they are assigned a control number to be able to identify the owner and track each specific item. Unfortunately, when some items are unpacked it is evident that the media is damaged beyond any restoration possibility. However, we find that even rusty film canisters when opened may have film in usable condition.

We never know what to expect, but in either case we appreciated having the opportunity to check it out. Even film in a clean dry canister may not be usable because the film may have become too brittle to handle. It will literally fall apart when touched or lightly pulled. But before we can go to the process of viewing a film for content, it must be cleaned to keep dirt particles from getting between the film layers and scratching the film as it spools on itself.

Marketing agencies used a variety of film quality and at times we find a 40 or 50 year old film that has retained its high quality images. Depending on the base quality and dyes used some film images may develop a pink or red tint. Some- times the red tint can be removed with digital software processing during restoration.

Purchase Media Library DVDs and CDs here.

Bill Uppena
(608) 732-3320
6004 Highway 35 & 61
Potosi, WI 53820

Jax Beer debuted its program "Outdoors Louisiana" in 1949. Fishing, hunting and drinking beer made for good conversation.

National Bohemian Beer was on the air in Baltimore by the late 1940s.


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