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Brewery Database
The ABA Breweries Database has many features such as photos; production capacities and line information just to name a few. Using American Breweries II as the starting point, this database is intended to be a dynamic ever-expanding resource incorporating additional information supplied by our Members.

ABA Members have full access to the entire database, can search by any combination of criteria, and can submit corrections and additional information to be incorporated. Non-Members have limited access, and are able to browse brewery names, dates and locations.

Members are encouraged to submit corrections and additional information to be incorporated into the U. S. Brewery Database. Please submit all information to Dale Van Wieren at

This database was made possible by the generous permission of Dale Van Wieren, Editor and Copyright holder, and compiled by Dale and Len Chylack over the past few years. ABA thanks them for their outstanding contribution to this project. Various generous ABA Members provided funding.


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